Face Masks- COVID-19 ***PLEASE READ***

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Do to the overwhelming response I do not want one anyone waiting more than a week for very essential masks. If you can't find anywhere else check back EVERY FRIDAY to place your order!! All orders are first come first serve. 

We changed our production to make face masks for all the front line folks out there fighting as we stay home. Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. FREE to all front line workers which includes medical field, police, firefighters, medics, and social workers. 

2. Again they are FREE. We welcome donations for supplies but the mask are FREE! (You can  donate to newfangledclothingco@gmail.com via paypal.)

3. This pattern is my pattern and designed to keep as close to the face as possible leaving as few gaps as possible. (You can get the pattern free of charge by emailing me at newfangledclothingco@gmail.com) 

4. These are PPE and I use three fabrics. 100% cotton on the outside as a design to show it is the outside, 100% soft flannel on the inside as an absorbent and barrier, and polypropelene on the inside as the main barrier.

5. They are washable and lay flat to dry.

6. Maximum order of 10 per person, thanks for sharing! 

7. $3.00 for shipping or pick-up for free in Richmond, KY

8. If you need a child size for an immuno-compromised child please send me a message. 

This is just my way of giving back and staying sane during this worldwide crisis. I hope I can spread the light and love just a little thru these masks. 

 Love and Blessings to All!