Our Social Good

We are so excited to announce our NEW Social Good Program as of 2/1/2021.

We are a business who is genuinely for the family yet does not define family! Family can mean so many things to so many people as it should. As long as it is about love, understanding, and being there thru the good to celebrate with you and the picking you up when the bad strikes. We actually consider our insiders of Newfangled, the Email subscribers and those in our Facebook VIP as our "Newfangled Family" because you are there helping us grow, and that is love! 

We speak a lot about family values and what that looks like for us. For us here it's typically "Sunday Funday" We attend church, have lunch somewhere together and then engage in doing something together as a family which could be an enormous amount of possibilities. We end the day, as we prep for the week ahead with a 'family meeting" and getting our home ready for what the week may hold. 

So we have decided to offer and encourage YOU, to hold dear to your family what defines you as "Family Values" and have some 'Family Time" 

Beginning 2/1/2021 we will be giving FREE monthly Family Kits that will be disbursed to 1 charity of 1 customers choosing every month!!! When ordering, please be sure to fill out the charity you would like us to gift to if your name gets chosen. All order names will get thrown into a bucket and we will draw every month. 

There are so many great charities out there, this is going to be so exciting to see how God folds it all together.