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Newfangled: /ˌn(y)o͞oˈfaNGɡəld/ adjective:

different from what one is used to; objectionably new.

Founded by a momma of seven with an education background with only two little girls ten years apart who wanted to be home with her kids more yet still dress her little girl with fashion that was unique but modest, sweet but sassy, vintage and boho, yet made to last while her little girl ran, jumped, flipped, climbed trees, helped in the garden, rode her horse, and twirled for days and days BUT mostly she wanted her little girl to dress like a little girl and be UNIQUELY who God created her to be. 

We embrace letting children be little for as long as possible. And we do so with our uniquely designed modest brand. The pushed our little ones to grow up way to quickly and we stand against this. We honor keeping the innocence and purity in our little ones for as long as possible. Often times big box retail which is easily accessible and usually unethically made is creating fashion for our little girls that is not becoming of sweet and innocent tweens and teens. Creating a sense of worth and value in the amount of skin we show, we believe is not teaching our daughters and sons their worth is rooted in Christ.

With a love of fashion but mostly unique fashion and being different combined with always seeking approval and love where ever she could find it as a young tween and teen, resulted in a teen pregnancy at age t4* for our founder. This  provides the passion behind our brand for helping other moms who struggle finding appropriate clothing that is also unique and allows them to show their unique style. And a support for other moms as well. 

We take great pride to be ethically made in the USA. We source moms and/or women for all aspects when possible to grow. We provide fair wages for all those that help in the process and even source materials that are ethically made. We believe in human rights and acceptable working conditions that only we would want for our children. So we wear our "Made in the USA" tag with great pride!

* She gave birth pre-maturely to a beautiful baby boy just 2 days shy of turning 15 whom she raised to be an amazing young man, who has served in the US Military and is now a nurse. 


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A note from the founder...

Hey y'all,

I am so happy you are here! I dream to grow this little small brand I created in the basement of my home to reach as many little girls and boys out there. Letting them know modesty is a good thing! To be who God created them to be now and worry about big things later. To offer them a fabulous look that's unique giving them the option to stand out with good attention. You are special, despite any difference you have, don't let anyone tell you different!! We hope to welcome you to the "Newfangled family" soon.  

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Cheryl Muncy 

Cheryl Muncy