Story behind Newfangled

Hi There, I'm Cheryl the owner and founder behind Newfangled. The picture here is of me and my home family! I also have four older boys and one older girl not pictured. And am also a nanna to a little girl and boy and another on the way in May of 2020.

The lil' girl you see there is Addyson. My mini me and the reason I have the passion to design and create for you today. The inspiration behind Newfangled came out of a love of designing and learning to sew clothing for my little girl many many years ago. I wanted her to know how special she was and wanted her to embrace her differences yet in a modest fully fashionable way. To be who God created her to be. And with the creative design and seamstress abilities blessing God gifted me I am honored to get to live my dream job of designing for your little ones now.

This world pushes to grow up our littles way to quickly, to fit in, conform. I say no! Let them be little! Dress everyday as special as they are! Embrace who God crafted them to be, yet be modest. Fashion never has to be traded for their modesty. #modestyisbeautiful

Yep, so that's pretty much Newfangled in a nutshell. Oh, except the fact that we support and love stay at home mommas and families. I strategically look to partner with other SAHM/families in all areas of this business. From our photographer, to our seamstresses, to our brand reps. We are for the momma who wants to be an active part in raising her little person. And of giving her the ability to make money from home helps her be more present to her little, then YES!!!

Y'all, I wanna grow this baby to reach so many girls out there. Letting them know modesty is a good thing, nostalgia (our look) speaks its own language, and they are special, despite any difference they have!! We hope to welcome you to the "Newfangled family" soon. 

P.S. That lil' boy you see, he is Sawyer, my baby and mommas boy as I say loud and proud!! He always tells me how proud he is of me and "yeah momma, that's pretty too." And then there is that man! Scruffy face, always hat wearing, hard working man. HE is my rock! My supporter, My #NewfangledRoadie and builder of things I ask (even if its last minute and I'm cringing) forever LOVE! Without him I couldn't do any of it nor probably wouldn't even be here, but that's another story for another time. And those other two, they are my children from another mother as we say in the land of step-families. Love them as my own. 

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Cheryl Muncy