Enchanted Meadow - Summer 2021

For our Summer 2021 line, Enchanted Meadow, inspiration lies from my children’s childhood, particularly the adventures of my two youngest and their best friends.

At one point in their childhood, we lived on a large piece of land out on the country—not a farm, but still with plenty of animals! There was a huge tree (I don’t even know what kind) on the property and my kids—bless them—loved to take every last thing in our daggone house outside and drag it out to that tree to make a myriad of different types of forts. Their imaginations were endless and by the time they were finished it looked like they had created an enchanted forest or meadow in our yard, hence the name of the collection. The creativity that bubbled out of them, the fun they had, and the magic they created for themselves was the true inspiration for this collection.