Why fishing girls??

Why fishing girls??

May 07, 2018

As I was lying in bed several months ago healing from surgery. I was dreaming and planning out many of our upcoming collections all the while thinking of what I wanted Newfangled products to say. How to keep the innocence in our little's with the world going at break neck speed? What I wanted them to look and feel like? And who I wanted the world to know Newfangled was? So I began daydreaming... what did I do as a kid and had so much fun doing? what do we do now as parents with our kids in the summer time that create pasttimes that are really more than just passing time? 

Well as I daydreamed and planned, fishing popped into my head as I came across a beautiful vintage looking fabric with girls fishing on it by one of my suppliers. And then the song, "She thinks we're just fishing" by Trace Adkins popped into my head and I began to sing it over and over. Have you ever heard that song? Well if you haven't then you need to. YouTube that song now, or connect here and listen now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IheODRwalEw. For some it'll make you cry cause you will relate instantly and emotions are a good thing! For others you will see a glimpse inside my crazy, creative, 
old school" kid loving soul, which will tell you a lil more about what and who is behind Newfangled too. 

Is fishing ever only about fishing? Whether your by yourself or with your child or even with your spouse or friend. Is it ever only?? I truly believe not! There is always so much more than just fishing going on and I wanted to portray it in our Summer Collection of 2018. Girls fishing, butterflies futtering, and deer roaming is what you will find in Girl Gone Fishin' and we hope you love it as much as we do.

And just like that... here are some sneak peaks of what will be available online for pre-sale beginning May 9th @ 9pm. 

Tell us what you think, we always love to hear it. Your favorites? What you'd like to see more of and most importantly if you purchase Girl Gone Fishin' wed love more than anything to see those memories in pictures of your creative pasttimes 

Til next time. Blessings and love from our family to yours! 

Cheryl Muncy

photo credit: @justkennaphotogrpahy

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