Ramblin' thru the Prairie - A Fall 2020 Collection

Ramblin' thru the Prairie - A Fall 2020 Collection

September 29, 2020

We are a vintage/boho brand and every collection is interwoven both with memories of my childhood and experiences and inspirations from present time.

Do you remember the television show Little House on the Prairie? It was and still is one of my favorite shows. The times were simpler, safer, freer. Neighbors looked out for one another, kids were taught to be honest, people made the best of what they had, and everyone had courage when things went wrong.

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky and spending time on my grandparents’ farm was the same. I have wonderful memories of working in the garden, running through the fields of wheat grass and flowers, horses roaming, and living carefree. This year’s fall line, Ramblin’ Through the Prairie, evokes all the pleasures of a simpler life that are near and dear to my heart.

With a hint of wild flowers, horses, whimsical memories of simpler times, and shades of cornflower blue, mustard, cream, and lavender, this collection evokes all the best things about living on the prairie and the sweet memories of simpler times.

Tell us what you think! We always love to hear it. Your favorites? What you'd like to see more of? And most importantly, if you purchase Ramblin' thru the Prairie, we'd love more than anything to see photos of the memories you create wearing them!

'Til next time. Blessings and love from our family to yours! 

Cheryl Muncy

photo credit: SJC Photography

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