#letthembelittle- A Spring 2021 Collection

#letthembelittle- A Spring 2021 Collection

January 26, 2021

t's funny sometimes where inspiration for a collection comes from.

Our Spring collection, #letthembelittle, started with a nursery rhyme from my childhood, "Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what little girls are made of." But is that all little girls have to be made of? Of course not! The driving inspiration behind this collection was the idea of allowing girls to be girls, but also letting them be who they want to be--soccer players, artists, dancers, whatever their heart desires!

 Just like the flowers that bloom in spring, God has created us all to be unique. We each have our own stages to go through in life and childhood is the sweetest, purest, and simplest stage. At Newfangled, we want to help mommas everywhere guide their littles to become exactly who God created them to be while embracing the innocence and simplicity of childhood for as long as possible.

 With beautiful spring-like colors, a sweet, unique boho/vintage vibe, and premium quality, handmade pieces, our #letthembelittle Spring collection is the perfect collection to let kids be kids, let their dreams soar, let them find who they're meant to be, but to keep them little while they're at it.

 "'Cause they're only that way for a while."

Blessings, Cheryl 

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