Chasing Dreams- a Spring 2019 Collection

Chasing Dreams- a Spring 2019 Collection

February 18, 2019

Do you have dreams you want to chase? are chasing? wish you could one day chase? A year of newness, goals, and purposeful planning is what brought this Spring '19 collection into reality. 

With spring colors of peach, light turquoise, yellow, and grey this collection is one of my absolute favorites. It features sweet cats and birds perfect to showcase your little one in of being a child yet so much fashion, style, and detail in each piece they will stand above the rest.  

The name of this collection came to me after talking with my husband and giving him my thoughts on what it entails and more. You see, we live on a sweet little farm surrounded by other big ones. We have 3 cats and yes they love to chase the birds, squirrels, and rabbits about as intently as I love chasing my dreams of having a known children's brand of clothing. Which is absolutely where the name was birthed. 

We all have dreams! I do, my kids do, as I'm sure you and your family does as well and this collection was inspired by that thought. To pursue those dreams! You are worthy of them all and need to step into that faith and hope to chase them just like our sweet Charlie chases the birds on our property.

Happy Spring Y'all! 


Alba Dress on our sweet Sophie ~ Annistan Dress on our sweet Mia Grace ~ Wayne V-Neck and Cole Trousers on sweet Asher


Kaila Romper on Miss. Amelia ~ Sawyer Bib on silly Camden ~ Reagan Romper on smiling Lena

Adelyn Dress and Molly Dress worn by the sweet Brownfield Babes!






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