All you need is love..

All you need is love..

February 11, 2021

Candy hearts, stuffed animals, chocolate boxes, and pink and red greeting cards—it’s everywhere. It’s the month of Valentine’s Day and it’s all about love! Mostly the romantic kind, which is a wonderful kind of love. But there’s a kind of love that transcends the bounds of a single holiday in February, makes the romantic kind pale in comparison, and that’s agape love—a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love that God has for his children, big and small.

As parents, we share that same kind of love (though in our own flawed, human way) for our own children, don’t we? There’s very little, if anything, that our children can do to make us stop loving them. If your house is anything like mine, your kids probably (ok, definitely) drive you crazy sometimes and push every button you have. We all have those days where we’ve cleaned up more unmentionable messes than we can count, yelled, been yelled *at,* cried, comforted crying, picked up toys, stopped our kids from maiming themselves by doing something we’ve told them not to do already five times that day, picked up those same toys again, and ALL that before noon. But even on those days. Even on those days when we’re exhausted, we haven’t showered, there are unidentified stains on our shirts, we feel like we can’t bear to hear “Momma!” one more time, it only takes one moment, one sweet “I love you!,” one slobbery kiss, one bright-eyed smile and our momma hearts immediately overflow with love and pride for our kiddos and we feel like we would do absolutely anything for them to make them truly happy and keep them safe.

Now, imagine that feeling you feel, that immense love and nearly overpowering love, and multiply it exponentially—a thousand, million, billion times bigger. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? As much as we love our kiddos, how much more then does God love them…and love us? He loved us so much that he sacrificed his own son. Can you imagine? Can you fathom sacrificing your children for someone else? How amazing is it to be loved like that? As flawed as we are, as many times as we may feel like we utterly fail, as terrible as we may feel as parents sometimes…there is a loving Father out there who loves us inspite of all that. Loves us as much as we love our kiddos and more. The next time you’re having a bad day, and every good and bad day after, remember that love you feel for your precious babies—that overwhelming, heart-bursting, sometimes painful and tear-inducing, unconditional love—and then remember you have a heavenly Father who loves you like that…and more. Just imagine.

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